This site is a portal for what is out there that I can find. If you know of a walk across a country, or have done one, let me know so it can be shared!

You will see the wide variety of reasons why people walk across countries, which is unable to be wholly explained and speaks for the human condition.

I have done my best to find the original material by the author. I have corresponded with many of these authors and the have willingly and enthusiastically agreed to share their material. Sometimes, however, there might just be a link to a book on Amazon. Further exploring will uncover more material such as press articles.

For some countries, such as USA (Discovery Trail, PCT, CDT) and Western Europe (e.g. UK Coast to Coast, GR trails in France, Way of St James in many European countries) there are numerous accounts easily accessible so I’m not listing them at this stage. So if you want to read about a real life Forrest Gump, or decide to pull a Forrest Gump yourself, it’s not hard to find reports on your own.