In 2003 I walked across Switzerland end-to-end, from the border with Lichtenstein to the border at Lac Leman. We followed the Alp Pass Route with trails and signposts all of the way. Took a bit over 3 weeks.

We started off by carrying the tent and camping, but about a third of the way through we posted it back home and stayed in guesthouses.

There’s a bit of up and down on this trip, what with it being in the Alps, but it’s not too bad and you’re never too far away from a place to shelter or have a bite to eat. By the end of the trip I was addicted to macaroni cheese with apple sauce.

I have mislaid my photos of this trip, so have inserted a random pic from the internet which sums up pretty nicely what we saw (I call this kind of terrain ‘Heidiland’).


Walk by a Finnish hiker

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