Don’t think you’re tough enough? Too old, not prepared enough, don’t have the right gear? Read about this amazing lady who walked the Appalachian Trail, doing it rough, at the age of 67: and book and Grandma Gatewood

Link to Alastair Humphreys book on thinking of and planning an adventure, with a focus on the barriers to taking that first step (including not needing lots of money): Grand Adventures

Link to a thoughtful book about the effect of a long distance hike, from the perspective of a middle aged man looking back on his life: 10,000 Better Days

People who have walked around the world: seriously-slow-6-travelers-who-walked-around-the-world/

Different kinds of walks across countries:

Peace Corps walks across Moldova

Peace Corps walks across Armenia

Japanese man’s marriage proposal and video

Looking for a walk? Here is an excellent trail database site:

A walk across USA in 1896 by 2 women: Helga Estbys sad forgotten walk across America

A walk across Wales in a straight line (part 1):

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